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About Us

Our story springs from love. When a California girl met a New Delhi boy in NYC, a friendship sparked into a lifelong romance. The couple shared a dream: to build a company based on ethical manufacturing, and working with our friends. Janet Nelson Kumar, the brand, sprung forth.
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About Janet

Janet’s love of fashion took root as a young girl, learning to sew at her grandmother’s side. After school, on an exciting career path, she traveled the world with global fashion houses and later her own bridal line.
Now, Janet has realized a new career dream, founding a contemporary clothing brand for modern women, blending the vibrant New York spirit with the California ease of her childhood and the Indian heritage she has grown to love.
A champion of women, here and abroad, Janet’s work is guided by the idea of creating unique yet wearable clothing for real women.

Philosophy Behind The Brand

Like you, we’re not interested in being the same as everyone else. Our clothing highlights individuality, our pieces are meant to inspire you. With a focus on craft and cut, our collection is eclectic and fashion forward. Our leather pieces incorporate handcrafted details and time honored techniques. Ready-to-wear is unique yet polished, allowing you to be as subtle or bold as you wish. We make clothes for real women that last beyond a single season and become a cherished part of your wardrobe.

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Philiosophy Behind Our Sourcing

We are 100% committed to ethical manufacturing and fair trade practices. We work exclusively with partner factories that share our exacting standards and our social and environmental ideals.

Our relationships with these factories and artisans are personal, these are friendships built over time with roots that run deep.
We are committed to protecting our planet’s resources while providing thoughtful, well designed products. Many of the fabrics we use are are chosen for their gentle impact on the environment as well as for thier strength and beauty.
For more information about the factories we use and other information about sustainability, please see our blog “latest stories”.